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 Mr.Pankaj Bhadage

Mindset Transformation Coach

Everyone has some goals in mind but either you need to be fortunate enough to meet a mentor of life or go through a real-life experience that brings out your hidden potential.

An average student from small-town who then started working in corporate, got happily married and was leading a happy normal life, & got fortunate enough to went through some life-transforming training.

Pankaj got an opportunity to attend the training which shifted his mindset about money, relationships, health & life. Like an obedient student, he followed all the tools & could see the difference in his own life. Pankaj with a logical mindset and intellectual family background took an oath to spread this knowledge and help people to get the best feeling of freedom from their negative emotions & lead happy, peaceful & prosperous life.

Pankaj Bhadage

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